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tv   Headline News  RT  March 3, 2013 11:00am-11:46am EST

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met with a wall of criticism from the opposition during his visit in egypt facing accusations that the u.s. is siding too much with islamist rulers. the u.s. soldier bradley manning pleads guilty to secret dated wiki leaks but the prosecutor is already going to jail him for life for what they say was aiding the enemy. and it's bye bye benedict the pope becomes the first catholic leader to quit in six hundred years we've invited church mired in child abuse and corruption scandals. good evening this is r.t. you're watching the weekly our roundup of the big stories of the last seven days with me kevin and first that egypt has given the visiting u.s. secretary of state a fiery reception with a show of public anger against american support for the muslim brotherhood the opposition accuses the ruling is the midst of stifling democracy and sees the u.s.
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role as unwelcome interference in the country's affairs as artie's bell true reports. there was a lot of anger from the people here in egypt we saw with protests outside the foreign ministry of people actually burning pictures of john kerry saying that he was supporting the muslim brotherhood and u.s. interests here in egypt on a phone on a full political level opposition leaders including hamdeen sabbahi mohamed el baradei failed to attend the meeting on saturday yesterday six of the levin opposition figures used to attend these two parties himself who of course is part of the national salvation front the leading opposition coalition here he said that he wouldn't open dialogue with john kerry as the u.s. continues to see their interests and to interfere in a domestic level. for his part apparently did meet with john kerry were not sure was actually discussed. they talked to him on the phone clearly
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a feeling of anger towards the u.s. secretary of state who was calling for political consensus which many people interpret as a backing the muslim brotherhood policies here has historically been a lot of anger towards the u.s. since the revolution people saw merica supporting muslim back to form and to educators switching their lease in regions to the most in brotherhood and of course pushing forward this very unpopular four point eight billion dollars i.m.f. loan which will see subsidy cuts and tax hikes affecting the poorest of society. and for the mandela as a geo political analyst and author of myths lies in all wars he told r.t. the washington is starting to realize that it may be supporting the wrong side note egypt. i think there's a double face in washington back in the muslim brotherhood goes back to the cia's role in egypt and i nine hundred fifty s. when he saw the muslim brotherhood as
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a potentially useful tool to put in their bag of organizations that they manipulate around the world i think some people around president obama have the delusion that they could control what's basically a political islamic fascist movement so it's not really a movement for democracy and any stretch of the imagination at this point morsi is in a life and death struggle because the popular support is not there for this this who and washington is beginning to get a little bit wobbly on its support for morsi for that reason they're beginning to rethink i think that's one of the reasons for the change between hillary clinton and john kerry to bring in a new cast of people and see. what kind of options there are in egypt this point. it's really is paralyzed by a post vote stalemate just what it needs reliable government more than ever. the dog should be taken out be paid for under the current economics of the italian system we've got some projections on where the coalition could lead than the
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already struggling eurozone could have surely also tonight as well the sequester kicks in taking a chainsaw to a better because economy with eighty five billion dollars and potentially hundreds of thousands of jobs because thanks to republican democrat because. more the big stories of the week after more than a thousand days of waiting u.s. soldier bradley manning got to tell the world why he exposed classified military data to wiki leaks on thursday he confessed to some of the lesser charges against him which carry a twenty year jail sentence but prosecutors are planning on nonetheless to get a conviction of aiding the enemy but important and i want manning's reasons for risking everything to go public. guilty but not sorry more than one thousand days after his arrest u.s. army private bradley manning admitted to being the source behind the largest leak of classified information in u.s.
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history private first class bradley manning has pleaded guilty to ten of the twenty two charges against him private bradley manning mail admits he gave thousands of secret document to the wiki leaks website manning gave his first detailed explanation of why he did it manning said he uploaded troops of u.s. secrets to the weeks and weeks website because quote americans have a right to know the true cost of war with the purest form with he had the very sophisticated now a fifth of why he had to do it as a duty. to expose what the government with doing in the name which was in the uncouth home around the world so all credit to him he's a. former intelligence analyst said he attempted to contact traditional media outlets like the washington post the new york times and politico but failed to get through to them later deciding to pass the documents on to wiki leaks manning said he engaged in a prolonged internet conversation with the wiki leaks member called ox who he assumes was julian a songe i think it's very clear that the risks of street government secrecy are
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much graver and have already done much more serious damage to the united states and god knows other countries then the risk brought by whistleblowers and leaks like this one manning pleaded not guilty to aiding the enemy the most serious charge which washington is determined to proof the u.s. government is reportedly planning to call a key witness to testify that osama bin laden actively sought to access material manning passed along to wiki leaks some reports suggest the unknown individual could reportedly be one of the navy seals involved in the about about raid that killed bin laden the fear here i think is that you would be sensationalizing the proceedings and it would it would make it nearly impossible for manning to have. a fair trial in a just because we'd now be talking about terrorism terrorism and terrorism will get away from the fact that he is charged with the offense of releasing the information and they don't have to show that terrorists received it this will continue the
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obama administration has ushered in this era of pursuing whistleblowers and making certain that they are prosecuted and they go after them zealously in a manner that they do not go after other individuals that's been the thing i think is the most particularly striking is you can have private contractors who are in danger weapons smuggling like like the blackwater executives or you can have bankers that engage in financial fraud and they are pursued as jealously as whistle blowers following his arrest in may two thousand and ten manning was kept in solitary confinement at a military jail in kuwait then at a marine prison in quantico virginia for the first ten months of his detention the former army analyst spent twenty three hours a day in a six by eight foot windowless cell and was forced to sleep naked without bed sheets treatment that hundreds of legal scholars including president barack obama's
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former harvard professor claims was cruel and inhumane punishment that may have undermined manning's psychological stability i think he was treated very horrendously and they would be they were very much trying to break him in some jacked image of horrors and to make it clear to intimidate people around the world who would do the kind of heroic things the ground the meeting did to try and it through them from doing that manning himself said he believed to move it would only embarrass but not damage to the u.s. and eventually kick start the public debate the result the u.s. was shamed in front page headlines around the world a nervous superpower launched a witch hunt against whistleblowers and wiki leaks became a household name for cost or young private may spend between twenty years and a lifetime behind bars for an important i.r.t. new york.
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italy's locked in limbo a week after parliamentary elections failed to produce a clear winner parties across the political spectrum and so far refusing any talk of coalitions to arguably holding the balance of power is former comedian beth a grillo and he's suggesting that italy may even leave the euro and return to the lira that raised eyebrows across the eurozone of course which is cautiously watching how the deadlock will be resolved grows placing is still behind the democrats' coalition led by disgraced former prime minister silvio berlusconi investment advisor patrick i'm told is italy's eurozone partners have good reason to worry the dots a veto can't be paid for under the current economics of the italian system of course we've had a number of politicians who spent the whole of the last fifty or sixty years in frankly all of western europe telling people that government would ultimately be the answer to all of their problems that here is offer we're looking at the new euro smaller government smaller debt and actually a great deal more powerful isn't real the government activity it really is running into an incredible brick wall and the european union with it if the italians cannot
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keep stealing the debt they already have then they have fundamental problems unfortunately with the coalition that's essentially a coalition from hayle looking at the negotiations that are not being put together by the president it's going to be very difficult for italy to sustain itself in the euro zone and if it really is not going to be all that reliable member of the euro zone then there probably is not going to be a euro zone. the catholic church made history this last week as benedict the sixteenth officially resigned something a pope hasn't over six hundred years and as the church remains leaderless then internal divisions and a damaged reputation me that many are losing faith parties are really good records . it's not just about selecting a new bishop of rome some say but the very future of the catholic church the catholic church is undergoing a very important crisis it is a crisis at two levels there's a government tries this and it is
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a crisis of the believers there was a lack of leadership which culminated in the great scandals of but the leeks far from the splendor of the sistine chapel a closer look at the recent events in the vatican to highlight his lumens and frustration with the church when he said all about i distanced myself from the church when i became an adult when i started talking about what had been taught to look it was eventually after all the scandals broke out in the catholic church and i realized that it doesn't represent my spirituality but at the sixteenth may have been the first pope with a twitter account but many argue this measure alone was not strong enough in appealing to the masses know this is the age of transparency the age of the people the churches should be properly. they'd be. considered sacred she went. to great assets everybody now you see the little bit. the problem with the media they're really working on the system he went to change many things about the church
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for people of gabrielli of this inability to face up to and much less to punish those who may be responsible for tainting the image of the church is the deciding factor in abandoning catholicism i think that if there's another scandal with a girl who disappeared in the vatican with twenty years ago and they say the man found her remains the italian police are leading the investigation here but instead of helping them with vatican news obstructing the investigation that's likely they knew about this on the state. and on top of all those cases of pedophilia was that this is just disgusting the list of controversial events involving catholic priests or vatican officials reads like a tabloid reports of sex abuse pedophilia. allegedly corruption and possible ties with the mafia while the media especially in italy has been having a field day with the scandals the vatican other states silent or rebuffed. but
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those things may be looking rather grim for the seat of st peter's at a first glance there's still a chance the church can make a comeback. with the church would. be strong. but in spite of that. time relations have left me wondering if he has been blind the world is rapidly changing and that the catholic church has failed to keep pace sure it has seen a fair number of ups and downs as well as in two thousand year long history but there is opinion that perhaps taking on pleasant development sweeping it under the carpet and filling it with people going for secrecy is a tradition better left in the past in rome. are. ahead the stakes. could have deadly consequences america's. discussed cementing
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a friendship that could see the midnight if there is ever a strike on iraq surely you know why both countries and. britain. while the us. president all the way. out this support. there's an old urban legend that says that the u.s. army stopped using search or targets for rifle practice because the soldiers would be hesitant to shoot people. on the battlefield the logic is that if you practice shooting something that looks like an enemy soldier you'll be desensitized about killing real enemy soldiers so again the logic is to practice shooting at what you want to kill so you won't hesitate and speaking of not hesitating the law
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enforcement targets incorporated has created a special line of paper targets for police called new more hesitation so it's on these targets well maybe mexican drug cartel members or l.a. street gangs nope children and pregnant women you know law enforcement targets offers a product to desensitize police from hesitating to blow away women carrying the unborn and innocent children and you know it's even sicker than that i bet law enforcement agencies are probably buying these things up by the thousands but that's just my opinion. again israel could become the first of a country to be formally designated as the united states major strategic. goals apparently on the agenda at the annual american israeli public affairs committee gathering that's kicking off in washington known as a pac what if
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a plan becomes legislation it could have blood's the u.s. to support israel diplomatically and militarily if it strikes and around it could also exempt israel from any reduction in foreign aid that might result from budget cuts yet surprisingly the conflict with the palestinians is not among the topics which america's most powerful pro israeli lobby group will be tackling once more neither of the country's leaders will be attending and that's prompting speculation that the group is. no longer. there is a lot of believe the. israel lobby is losing close from. its yuri's reversals which about the election reelection obama was a reversal is really go you clearly need to use. didn't want to be re-elected they were back. then their candidate for secretary of state was susan rice she was john kerry came in they didn't want john kerry so that was your second defeat and then we just had
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a spectacular defeat the nomination confirmation of john. kerry effectively just. suffered a number of personal and one hand they're losing. their agenda is getting more stream and more radical these two things are they used to be used to be very careful to try and project a bipartisan image republicans democrats but increasingly. advocating. that a lot of democrats don't want to be so for example they are. pushing legislation to have the congress explicitly endorse in this really attack well many democrats don't want to have anything to do with that that's a contradiction to the obama administration's policy. this friendship. the apac congress this sunday. multibillion dollar cuts have kicked in in the united states off the white house
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failed to find common ground or the republicans on how to cut america's massive debt the measures allowed to the cost hundreds of thousands of jobs but even as the first snips of made the blame game grows with both camps desperate to offload responsibility economist richard wolfe told me the american people should prepare for the worst. republicans and democrats alike are committed to an austerity policy as we do and see it in europe their only disagreement is exactly who gets cut whose axes get raised and i'm very pessimistic as are most observers in washington that we are about to do what britain italy greece have done with the same dire consequences looming in our future if you cut government spending as we're about to do if you raise taxes on average people which we did on january first with the rise in the payroll tax those are a double whammy two hits on our economy they depress the economy they lose people
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jobs they make people cut back in their spending with less jobs and less spending government tax revenues go down and that you races whatever benefit you might have imagined would come to the government's budget the irony is the economy gets worse and the government budget gets worse until they wake up and realize that this is an inappropriate way to go at a time of economic crisis how justice is handed out in bahrain incense the anti-government movement this last week seven protesters three of whom were children would jailed for ten years for the attempted murder of a policeman during a rally last year one of the same time two bahraini policemen were acquitted in shooting a protest a dead human rights activists say it's high time the international community spoke out. we are in the middle of a geopolitical conflict between the unit the united states of america especially who are holding the fleet and the iran and saudi arabia interpretation behind them by any people who are in the middle of this it's like we are
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a battlefield the international community and international government western governments should assure that even if they were interested in the security of the region if they do not back the human rights of the people of behind if you do not respect the democratic demand of the crowd if you will tomorrow these people might take over and these people might not like. that that the united states or other governments did not support them in one day. take a look at this with some hefty hardware it's a polish gun lovers recordbreaking with the largest ever fully working pistol of its kind we got video of that through i catch up with it's a bit more a lot of a lot of the stores for my you channel also to moscow's mega money you'll find that the russian capital has got more billionaires than they were also in the world will tell you what the splashing of cash on on a website r.t. dot com.
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geodes rebels have reportedly seize control of a prison in northern syria and freed hundreds of detainees fighters from the so-called al nusra front with links to al qaeda believed to be among the rebels there meanwhile the u.k. says it doesn't rule out supplying weapons now to the syrian opposition earlier this week the u.s. for the first time publicly committed itself to sending known that lethal aid to armed factions battling the syrian government laughlin for institute of democracy and cooperation in paris says these efforts won't bring syria closer to peace the. sixty billion dollars should not be sneezed at and what the americans are trying to do is basically to prop up a project that so far has failed if we look back to two thousand and eleven when
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you to recant and was calling for the overthrow of a stance they expected the regime in syria to fall very quickly and that hasn't happened however great the rebels' gains may have been the regime is still fighting back and still shows no signs of collapsing instead it's the opposition which is fractured famously the syrian national council is a rag bag of different interests the opposition is breaking out and there are plenty of people within the opposition at least according to my sources in the region who up. bitterly disappointed with the west who expected a lot more money they probably wanted to steal a lot of it but certainly they have not received all that they have been promised it'll be interesting to see how much of this sixty billion dollars gets through that the ordinary syrian population is suffering very greatly from this opposition from this so-called liberation because this these paramilitary groups clearly cannot provide any basic services they are not the state. the u.s. is looking to time the screws on iran with more sanctions in
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a couple of minutes we look at what's really beyond the pressure coming from capitol hill plus two we talked to one of libya's revolution leaders about why a year after toppling the previous regime is country still in chaos disarray. these children. are serving.
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just like their mother. little ones. for the crimes committed by the. babies. to solve the impasse over iran's nuclear program earlier this week failed to produce any breakthrough six world powers offered to relax some sanctions if to run scale back its uranium enrichment but iran which insists its atomic ambitions are purely peaceful refused to deal with and former u.s. political advisor told things the risk of a nuclear iran that was being blown out of proportion. the iranian civilization has
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been around for five thousand years certainly longer than most western civilizations or any western civilizations and they're not suicidal. they know that were they to nuclear weapons they would be obliterated washington is being pushed in being pushed by israel for a long time to effect regime change in iran. and the nuclear program as an excuse to put pressure on iran to try to cause regime change but i'm not saying that a nuclear armed iran would be a good thing but a nuclear armed any country is not a good thing but the trash now behind pressure on iran and my opinion comes directly from israel desire for regime change in iran and want the united states government to make that happen with all the can only penalties imposed on iran over its nuclear energy program the oil export hit the country the
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hardest but is actually helped strengthen some iranian businesses refreshen report . the international ban on iranian oil cost the country around forty billion dollars in two thousand and twelve according to the u. but despite this huge gap in iran's income officials have some good news indeed harsh sanctions normal experts have increased by least thirty percent from a year ago. so what i mean look like a bad thing when they actually play a positive role we've been asking our government for many years to decrease dependence on oil to at least fifty percent was too high up around eighty percent of making our economy too vulnerable that some say today is a historic opportunity to finally get rid of this dangerous oil dependence so you and iran actually has a lot of alternative resources to feed from from well known copper it's to dates via minerals and stones between wanting destry in particular appears to be thriving these days iran's famous discussions have been going through tough times in the
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last couple of years heavy frosts and terrible droughts have been damaging large parts of the harvest but these here in the country under tough economic sanctions especially those are doing better than ever. our currency reale fell by almost forty percent in october but i sell the statues both at home and abroad and i benefited from price rise was that as you read in the sessions or responses to know that a hundred countries worldwide that even a pharmacy cannot send in the broad confident business who remains great thousands of industry workers also benefit which has them overcome the country's highest ever inflation the amount of production and price of the shares affect our salaries every year the add ten to twenty percent of my salary this if i have some bonus to my daily payments but producers seem to be more protected than exporters while international sanctions don't stack wreckage target the food industry current
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measures affect the banking system making financial transactions. hard not to crack the also penalize the banks that are not in u.s. and europe maybe in china or south america the penalize them for dealing with iraq that's the mean that's the main problem which is actually illegal internationally if oil is a black gold the discussion is must be a green one at least for iran locals say these small knots have great health benefits especially for the man wealth of the country it also gives strength iran's biggest not all expert has always been a significant source of revenue and as the latest round of sanctions harshest ever bites it's also something iran may have to rely on even more than before. from iran. it's got to speed on some of the day's top stories now first off prince could elizabeth but if it is a hospital in central london the developing guster into writers since the first
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time in ten years the monitors had to be hospitalized king apollo says all official engagements including a planned two day visit to rome this week will be postponed or canceled the eighty six year old had to pull out of an official ceremony last october after problems with. the deadly clashes in bangladesh at least twenty people have been killed there in violence resulting from the death sentence and into the country's opposition islamic party leader troops have been deployed to quell the violence which had been ongoing for the past few days the party leader and other members of been convicted of mass murder rape and other crimes too in the one nine hundred seventy one war of independence in pakistan which three million people died. a mass political reform rallies brought part of both carriers to a standstill tens of thousands turned out environment accusing monopoly energy firms of hiking fuel prices way out of the reach of households as well as anger at the crippled political system which sold the entire government resigned last month in the face of increasingly angry public. in the war of
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words between palestinians and israelis it's proving all but impossible for local journalists to do their jobs even when trying to bring bitter rivals together both sides and force reciprocal bans stopping reporters from covering the news in each other's territory our middle east correspondent paula slayer has the story. november last year israel and gaza are at war and in the middle of it a gaza journalist reporting in haiti for you to an israeli newspaper it was the last major story sunny as rami would write for the hebrew priests a month later gaza's ruling hamas party banned palestinian journalists from working with israeli media accusing it of being hostile tel aviv refuses to recognize hamas and regards it as a terrorist organization and a magnet for mother i do not understand this decision unfortunately i feel that our struggle will have less meaning if we do not speak to the israeli media and make them here on message sami feels he's on a personal crusade to help both sides better understand each other when his nine
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year old daughter was hit by an israeli missile it was his israeli editors who arranged for her to be bought across the border and treated and it was in the newspapers that he published his anger and anguish over israel's bombardment of gaza israeli to how the. israelis using the media in its war against us in this war journalists are under attack they want to kill all our words and reports that prove that there were no crimes in gaza is that their father has a half year with all the attackers coming from both sides of the border israeli journalists today are banned from working gaza but ironically it's not a must but tel aviv that stops them deeming it too dangerous for them to report from their own had him oh is among a handful of israeli journalists who'd regularly work in gaza but after his government made it illegal six years ago his station employed gaza based palestinian journalists now because of hamas is ruling even that has become impossible it's very problematic decision of hamas fracture of lot of other
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deficient that the hamas made of the result is that the only reports leaving gaza that are those hamas sanctions are not particularly promising in light of a recent human rights watch report that accuses a mussel harassing assaulting an arbitrarily detaining journalists israel too has come under fire for deliberately targeting the poor. and media houses affiliated to him us. twenty places in the two thousand and thirteen index due to the actions of its army in the palestinian territories the media blackout does little to shed light on the fate and future of ordinary gazans it also picture it stereotypes on both sides of the border that have done nothing but breed mistrust and hatred policy on television. in the region of apartheid in israel whether a plan for palestinian only buses. tells you what's behind that story.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada as. a giant corporations rule the day. presidency in georgia ends in october as the clock ticks his departure thoughts are turning his legacy but the plus side he's been hailed by some for revitalizing the look at the capitol. reports not everyone believes big money building spree. over the past five years georgia's outlook has changed dramatically. president mikheil saakashvili is architectural programs but not everyone is in the mood to admire these architectural novelties and his family lost their home and several
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years ago after falling on hard times they had been promised a new flat by the city's authorities but the promise hasn't been kept and now there are a moment group of several others who are homeless forced to find shelter in an abandoned school. this city is building and being painted but we have nothing it is supposed to be built for the people we are the people and we have nothing if there is no us then there's no need for all this beauty we have small children here and we live in a house with this building is no heating or electricity improving george's outlook was made a priority by saakashvili his old town has seen more than building spring up including this huge government justice department said to be the world's biggest and this gloss and steel bridge and while the public's response to the modernization has generally been positive they've been some notable criticism as well this peculiar building is probably the biggest example of textural failings
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millions will poured into what was meant to become a major entertainment center now the speculation is rife that the new government is planning to scrap its construction and even dismantle the unfinished building. finding the regional advantages and that could be the fate awaiting another high profile project which saakashvili has government described as the city of dream structure a brand new port was to be built on georgia's black sea coast with its overall cost estimated at nine billion dollars now really wanted to turn into a major regional center but a call just say the whole idea was doomed to fail from the start. that area wasn't suitable for constructing buildings they call here the area is basically a swamp this region is protected by an international convention and has always been protected we said all along this would be an enormously expensive project because it's difficult to build a skyscraper on unstable soil the first hotel spilled there immediately had
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problems they basements were flooded. the logical plan was eventually scrapped by the new government and the same goes for many other investment plans which economists say have seen huge sums simply squander it. really is not this. is a quality of the new or development project. where he made . huge mistakes he pried. the matter. ok it's. important for america power to change hands in georgia after his party lost the parliamentary election it then became clear some fundamental issues like daunting poverty with almost a third of the country's three million population living below the poverty line have largely been left unaddressed the new government hasn't yet made its economic
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policy clear but the gorge and his family say they could be forced to leave the temporary home at any minute and they're only left to hope that the new political elite takes notice and action of their plight. ski r.t. reporting from belief in georgia. just couple of minutes time libya's interim prime minister during the civil war tells us what the future holds for his in battle country now so after the break. his power was the envy of ambrose he had good reason to trust no one. his body was found on the floor of his huge empty house. but did he die of natural causes. the mystery of stalin's death on a it's
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a. wealthy british style. that's not on my list of. markets why not scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on r t. do we speak your language any form of the will or not at the end. news programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles kittens stories. for you here. in troy altie spanish find out more visit eye to eye on t.v.
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dot com. if he. it'll. say.
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i've. i've. i've . i.
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these children. they are serving a sentence just like their mother. the little ones born in prison. now must pay for the crimes committed by their parents. kill babies on our teeth.
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i would have really been politician former high ranking official with a cut off a garment and also the former leader of the libyan revolutionary council in two thousand and eleven it's great to have you again with r.t. sir true back to libya has made progress after the revolution and problem into elections were held your party won by your party the national forces alliance but then the constitution yet has to be drafted and country remains still much under
11:43 am
control of the revolutionary groups and malicious who you tell us who holds power right now in libya. well. power and in the future it's going on the fishes since the trysts with the with the loosely to buddy in with the government you know but realistically speaking who holds posters who holds guns you know so and so that is . this because to me between the poet and an official poet in hopefully you know with the with the progress that we will be doing right now with those developments that some sort of compatibility between. to become used to iraq libya is probably the only example of the arab spring country that was able to pick up its economy after the revolution if you look at the other countries that underwent the arab spring we get the sense that instead of prosperity they got rather in security
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why. well first of all libya did not pick up it's a kind of it's kind of a did not pick up only the oil production was the result you know. it's a pity you know because the. foreign countries you know. rushed into libya immediately no to start pumping more leg again because it's connected to their way of life to their economies you know while the rest of the projects all over the country are still intact there are still as they were left in the seventeenth of february you know so. if it was not for this drop of oil it libya would be in the same situation like egypt and tunisia today you know so it's always the libyan economy in general i think libya because of this oil was the subject of being targeted by too many countries because this oil wealth is needed not to live for libya maybe you know to finance some other projects in
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the region you know. taking a look at the european economy today or the. recession and. the situation which american budget is in today you know i think libya can be use it or at least is being seen as an alternative you know to finance in compensation for the lack of assistance that might be coming from europe from the united states and that's why i mean libya. is a strategic target for too many too many players and in the region and worldwide many libyans that have been spoken to and most of them are people who never liked things because they're all very educated they studied abroad but they tell tell me that one thing that cannot not be denied is that during khadafi there was seen a sense of security and stability in libya.


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